Nähere Informationen zu HPC-Veranstaltungen finden Sie im Kalender der Gauß-Allianz.

Informationen über NHR-Veranstaltungen abonnieren Sie über diesen Verteiler:


17. Dez.,
14-18 Uhr
GWDGGWDGWorkshop: Data Lakes
14. Dez.,
14-17 Uhr
Workshop: HPC Certification for the German HPC Community
13. Dez.,
GWDGGWDGWorkshop: Containers
7. Dez.,
10-15 Uhr
NHR@TUDNHR@TUDKurs: ML-HPC-B-Tutorial: Machine Learnig on HPC - Einführung
6.-9. Dez.NHR4CES@RWTHNHR4CES@RWTHaiXcelerate 2021: Tutorial & Tuning Workshop for I/O and Machine Learning
1.-3. Dez.,
9-16 Uhr
NHR@FAUNHR@FAUPRACE course: Node-Level Performance Engineering @ LRZ
1. Dez.,
NHR@TUDNHR@TUDLecture: Research data management in general and in HPC (Module 1 - RDM introduction)
1. Dez.,
NHR@KITNHR@KITKurs: Advanced HPC and Data Management topics
26. Nov.NHR@TUDNHR@TUDWorkshop: Distributed data-structures for particle and particle-mesh codes on parallel computers
24. Nov.RWTH Aachen University, NECRWTH Aachen University, NECWorkshop: Programming for the NEC SX-Aurora TSUBASA Vector Engine
23. Nov.NHR@FAU.
Uni Mainz
NHR@FAUNHR PerfLab Seminar: General-Purpose GPU Hashing Data Structures and their Application in Accelerated Genomics
17. Nov.NHR@KITNHR@KITKurs: Introduction to High Performance Computing with Python
10. Nov.NHR@KITNHR@KITKurs: Introduction to git and Cx at NHR@KIT
2.-4. Nov.NHR@FAU, Intel,
LRZ Garching
NHR@FAU, Intel,
LRZ Garching
PRACE course: Online HPC Optimization Workshop @ LRZ
2. Nov.NHR@FAU,
NHR@FAUNHR PerfLab Seminar: On-demand file systems: production use, use cases and lessons learned
27. Okt.NHR@KITNHR@KITKurs: Intermediate course - Advanced HPC and Data Management topics
26.+27. Okt.NHR@ZIB, PC2,
NHR Atomistic Simulation Center (ASC): Virtual Inauguration Symposium
26. Okt.NHR@TUDNHR@TUDKurs: IO NHR-Lecture: Introduction to parallel I/O and distributed file systems
19. Okt.NHR@FAUNHR@FAUNHR PerfLab Seminar: Discontinuous Galerkin Shallow-Water Simulations on FPGAs
19. Okt.NHR@KITNHR@KITKurs: Introductory course NHR@KIT and HoreKa
11.-13. Okt.NHR@FAUNHR@FAUintern! Train-the-Trainer: Spezialkurs "Node-Level Performance Engineering"
5. Okt.NHR@FAUNHR@FAUNHR PerfLab Seminar: Towards exascale simulations using the submatrix method and approximate computing
30. Sept.NHR@TUDNHR@TUDWorkshop: Performance analysis of HPC applications with Vampir & Score-P
29. Sept.NHR@KIT, NvidiaNHR@KITWorkshop: Fundamentals of Deep Learning
27. Sept.Uni Paderborn, University
of Jyväskylä/Finland
Uni PaderbornSeminar talk: NHR Atomistic Simulations Lab seminar - Using novel
Gromacs/CP2K interface to perform multi-scale QM/MM simulations
21. Sept.NHR@FAU,
TU Darmstadt
NHR@FAUNHR PerfLab Seminar: Performance Measurements in HPC
16. Sept.NHR@KIT, NvidiaNHR@KITWorkshop: Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with OpenACC
15. Sept.NHR@KIT, NvidiaNHR@KITWorkshop: Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with CUDA C/C++
14.+15. Sept.GWDGGWDGKurs: High Performance Data Anatlytics
9. Sept.NHR@TUDNHR@TUDTutorial: Performance analysis of HPC applications with Pika
29. JuliHLRNNHR@ZIBWorkshop: CFD
27. JuliNHR@FAU, Stony
Brook University
NHR@FAUWebinar: LIWKID, OSACA und SpMV auf A64FX
20. JuliNHR@TUDNHR@FAUNHR PerfLab Seminar: Exclusive file systems for
power users with BeeGFS and network NVMe storage
29. JuniGWDG, ZIH,
Uni Mainz
Uni Mainz

Birds-of-a-feather session in conjunction with ISC HPC:
The HPC Certification Forum

24. Juni
- 2. Juli
ISCISCProject Posters: "NHR - an HPC Vision is becoming reality"
22. JuniNHR4CES@RWTHNHR@FAUNHR PerfLab Seminar: Tasking in OpenMP 5.0
21.-23. JuniPC2,
Uni Paderborn
Uni Paderborn
11th International Symposium on Highly Efficient Accelerators and Reconfigurable Technologies (HEART)
15. JuniCornelis NetworksNHR-GSWorkshop "Introduction Cornelis Networks"
1. JuniNHR@FAU, Intel LabsNHR@FAUNHR PerfLab seminar talk:
ALTO: Adaptive Linearized Storage of Sparse Tensors
18. MaiNHR@FAU, KITNHR@FAUNHR PerfLab seminar talk: Pushing the Roofline - 
A Modular Precision Ecosystem Based on a Memory Accessor
4. MaiNHR@FAUNHR@FAUNHR PerfLab seminar talk:
Automatic Generation of Models of Microarchitectures
13. AprilNHR@FAUNHR@FAUHPC-Café: An introduction to the Julia programming language for HPC
25. MärzNHR@FAUNHR@FAUVortrag: Performance Engineering for Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication:
Some new ideas for old problems
23.-24. MärzZKIHLRNFrühjahrstagung 2021 des ZKI-AK Supercomputing
23. MärzNHR@FAU, KITNHR@FAUSeminar: Parallel Selection on GPUs
15.-19. MärzNHR@FAUNHR@FAUEinführungskurs in C++
16. MärzNHR@FAU, ZIBNHR@FAUSeminar: NHR PerfLab talk on heterogeneous memory systems
9. MärzNHR@FAUNHR@FAUSeminar: Der STX Prozessor: Hardware und Programmierung
2.-3. MärzIntel, KIT, ZIBZIBWorkshop: Introduction to the INTEL oneAPI Development Environment
23.FebruarNHR@FAUNHR@FAUSeminar: A closer look at the Fujitsu A64FX processor
26. JanuarNHRNHR-GSWorkshop "NHR-Vision"
3. Dez.Bund u. LänderNHR-GSKick-off-Veranstaltung NHR-Verbund